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EMN-18005 Hand held fiber end face repair grinder

Short Description:

  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Port: Shenzhen
  • Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
  • Product Detail

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    Product description

    *Suitable for installation and maintenance of field or optical fiber networks

    *Fiber optic connectors, especially for high precision LC-APC and MTP grinding.

    Product features

    *High speed abrasive connector for 700r/m

    *High efficiency, as long as 3 to 5 processes, it can finish processing.

    *Remove the adhesive to AdPC for 150 seconds (SC connector, terminal).

    *Grinding AdPC by grinding for 50 seconds (SC connector, terminal)

    *AdPC grinding: advanced PC grinding

    *High quality means that mills using abrasive machines can improve quality.

    Product specifications

    Host specification
    Application Optical fiber connector grinding (for heavy grinding and new grinding process)
    Apply to(connector, + insert core) SC/MU/FC/LC/MT/MTRJ type optical fiber connector, glass insert and customization
    Grinding properties Radius of curvature 10-25mm
    Apex offset < 50 μm
    Optical fiber depression < 0.05μm
    Return loss > 50dB
    Weight 830g (excluding the main body of the battery)
    Size 90 wide x75 depth X212 high (mm)


    Optional accessories (sold separately)
    Power Supply Rechargeable Ni MH battery or alkaline dry cell (No. 5 X4)
    AC power adapter (100 to 240 volts, 50 to 60 Hz)  


    Grinding jig base General fixture base POP311-AZ-00
    Grinding plate Apply to SCFC POP311-B-01S
    Apply to MULC POP311-B-01M
    Apply to APC and coarse grinding POP311-B-02 For the formation of APC inclined plane for MT core


    Apply to SC and PC core ATP3000-AZ01
    Apply to FCPC core ATP3000-AZ02
    Apply to For MT 0° insert core ATP3000-AZ03
    Apply to SCAPC-C insert core ATP3000-AZ04 Conical core insertion
    Apply to LCMUPC insert core ATP3000-AZ05
    Apply to LCPC  insert core ATP3000-AZ06
    Apply to SCPC insert core ATP3000-AZ07
    Apply to LCAPC insert core ATP3000-AZ08
    Apply to SCAPC-C insert core ATP3000-AZ09 Conical core insertion
    Apply to SCAPC-C insert core ATP3000-AZ10 Conical core (narrow wedge)
    Apply to FCAPC-S insert core ATP3000-AZ11 Used for step type core (narrow wedge)
    Apply to MT-RJ insert core ATP3000-AZ12
    Apply to MT 8° insert core ATP3000-AZ13
    For Φ 2.5 mm V shaped groove ATP3000-AZ14
    For Φ 1.25 mm V shaped groove ATP3000-AZ15
    Apply to STPC  insert core ATP3000-AZ16
    Apply to E2000  insert core ATP3000-AZ21
    For LC duplex POP311-AZ-01
    Case Suitcase POP311-0-10


    Rubber pad For SC/FC POP311-P-01 3pcs for one type
    For MU/LC POP311-P-02
    Abrasive disk The types of lapping pieces vary according to the grinding process.If any question please consult our company.

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