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FVO-730B-P USB Fiber Optical Microscope

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  • 공급 능력 : 10000 조각 / 월 당 조각
  • 포트 : 심천
  • 지불 조건 : L / C, D / A, D / P, T / T
  • Weight: 0.3KG
  • Size: 270*165*50mm
  • In Stock: 60
  • 제품 상세 정보

    제품 태그


    FVO-730B-P USB Fiber 광학 현미경 is a ditigal probe that can work with smartphone, laptop, OTDR etc., mobile devices via USB cable.  Its handy body can be easily carried on and convenient for any operation inspection. Its unique one-way focus can also quickly get end face image and greatly save time for inspection work. Over fourty variety of tips can be equipped to test different connectors and transceivers etc., fiber ktis. FVO-730B-P can also be integrated into the OTDR for more testing function, it’s a smart, handy and functional fiber end face inspection tool.

    제품 특징

    * Consistent and precision alignment, simple to operate.

    * Single-way focus control, easy access end face.

    * 400X magnification,<1μm resolution.

    * 40+ variety  tips for different bulkhead/patch cords/transceivers PC/APC inspection.

    * Capture button for easy operation.

    * Adjustable button for light source inside  control.


    FVO-730B Probe

    • 확대


    • Resolution


    • Field of view 

    X : 0.68mm, Y : 0.51mm

    • Focus Mode  

    단일 방법

    • Focus Speed


    • 중간 일관성

    > 98 %의

    • Input

    USB 1.0 / 2.0

    • Weight & Size

    110g, 180 * 22 * ​​56mm의


     터치 스크린 패널 (선택 사항)
    • 화면

    8 인치 IPS * 800 1280 (16시 10분)

    • 기능 메모리

    32G / 2G RAM DDR3L

    • 체계

    윈도우 10

    •  확장 용량

    128G 마이크로 SD (TF)

    4200mAh의 리튬 이온

    • Wireless

    와이파이 / BlueTooth4.0

    • Weight & size

    205 * 120 * 8.9mm, 355g

    • 확장 인터페이스

    마이크로 USB, 3.5mm의 잭 , TF, 마이크로 HDMI



    Items 기술 Quantity
    • FVO-730B Probe
    To test the fiber end face from patch cords /bulkhead etc., PC/APC connectors 1PCS
    • Tips
    SC-PC-F, FC-PC-F, LC-PC-F ,2.5-M 1 pcs/type
    • Tablet(Optional)
    Windows 10 touch tablet within EFD software 1PCS
    • Tablet cover
    Protect the tablet 1PCS
    • Package
    Hold all devices and kits 1PCS
    • View software
    Display the fiber image 1 pcs
    • Analysis소프트웨어
    • (optional)
    FFA fiber data analysis software, three-year free upgrade




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